Feb. 19

This is the day that I finished my first piece that I would like to sell. It was a fun little project that is sure to warm up a living room or bed room. It’s rustic and unrefined; it is simple (while building it I wondered if the shakers would approve), It has a touch of class being solid oak. The floating picture frame wasn’t stressful to build. I have been in the middle of woodworking projects and had to problem solve or work out a kink in a joint that can be stressful. I can honestly say I had a ton of fun producing the piece and I hope that these types of projects will help those that buy and use them remember fun times in their lives. It is always fun to get creative. While working on this project my lovely bride and I had a few ideas for other pieces that we think most people would love to have in their home. I hope you like the piece as much as I do.

Thanks for reading and I promise I will work diligently to get a few more fun projects out to my viewers.

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