The woodworkers kid finally has a vanity!

The basement vanity has been in the works for a short bit of time (at  least in my mind, due to me not remembering when I started it). At any rate it seems as though the vanity was built and installed for the longest time without plumbing. For those who don’t know me I hate plumbing work. This piece is in our basement and the bathroom was only “roughed in”. That means doing plumbing for the vanity from scratch. I mounted the sink and cut/fit all pieces needed. Guess what happened.. Leaks, not major leaks but little seeping leaks in two or three spots. After some futzing around I got all the leaks tamed and decided to put a fork in this project. Now onto the vanity. It is all solid oak from the family farm, finished with Sherwin Williams fruitwood stain and several coats of poly. The sunken vessel sink is from Aquasource and finished off with a Delta faucet. All in all the piece looks and feels great and should last a very long time. Now all I need to do is frame a mirror and install a galvanized towel rack to match the galvanized tp holder. 

Thanks for reading and feel free to contact me if you have a similar project you would like built. 



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