The Thanksgiving fun

Well, today the whole family was home and I decided to get the two oldest boys in the shop with me. They were kind of excited to try something new in the shop. After about an hour of cleaning, organizing, and generally getting the shop into more of a shop environment we got to work. The plan seemed kind of simple. Do some relief carvings by beating a mallet and chisel into wood. The boys quickly learned that wood grain changes how you chisel and if you forget has bad effects on the carving. In the end they had fun and learned a little something about the use of maybe the simplest tool in the shop. I’m convinced that the cavemen used tools that did the same thing as a hammer/mallet and chisel. I’m thinking sharpened stone and club shaped stone. At any rate below you will find a link to the shenanigans of having the two oldest in the shop with me. Hope you enjoy it and I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.


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