Is your shop invitation open?

Good day, Today I want to talk about something I have experienced over the last week. I have been working in an inner-city high school sporadically and it has been quite eye opening. I heard things and saw things that blew my mind in a negative way. On the flip side my mind was blown by the number of kids that stopped and asked questions. The questions were anywhere from what is that tool you are using to do you enjoy your work. The previous questions led to short discussions about tools and working with your hands to create something. These situations got me thinking about getting these kids into a shop and teaching them something. I think most people have wanted to try making/creating something at some point in their life. Over the years I have invited several people into my shop that show an interest in woodworking and don’t have access to tools. So I have to ask, When was the last time you invited someone into your shop? I think it would be great if everyone was proactive about inviting others into their shops and helped them out on the journey. You never know how that could change someones direction in life.

The other thing I want to mention is that even in the sea of negativity you can find some positives in life if you open yourself up to seeing them.

Week in Review for 11-25

This week in the shop was different than most. I had helpers for an extended amount of time. It was fun, challenging, and new but all in all it was great. If you take a look at our Youtube channel you will see that this weeks two episodes of Get Kids Woodworking didn’t have me personally in them much. I figured that the two oldest boys 14 and 10 would be ok doing the how to sections. They actually did great (in my totally biased opinion). It was kind of nice being behind the camera for most of the action. There were a few bloopers and forgotten lines on their parts but it was a good time. ¬†We hope that you can find some time this weekend to get in the shop and build something.

Thanks for visiting.


Something new- Week in review

Hello everyone. I’m starting something new this week and I will be doing it every Friday. My plan is to do a week in review post here on the website as well as include a link to a Youtube video walking through the shop progress. You will find this weeks link below. Take a look at it and feel free to comment, share, subscribe, and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks and I hope you have a great weekend!

What has been going on?

Well I haven’t made any posts recently because honestly I haven’t had much time in the shop lately. A few weeks ago we went up to Kansas City to the Woodworking Show. My two oldest sons and I hit the wood working show while my wife and her mother went shopping elsewhere. It was a fun show and my sons enjoyed watching several of the presentations. They were amazed at the pen turning demonstrations as well as joking around with Chuck Bender and Glen Huey from 360 woodworking. In my mind this was another way to “Get Kids Woodworking”. The boys learned that once you start woodworking there are many, many facets of woodworking you can head towards. I had the privilege of talking to a young(er) woodworker there about a university in SE Kansas that is offering a woods program that sounds like a great program. I have to say I wish every university would offer a program like this one. I would be proud if one of my boys wanted to attend the Wood Technology Program at Pittsburg State. I feel extremely pulled to encouraging woodworking with kids. I have been trying to ramp up my Youtube channel with the Get Kids Woodworking videos. Just recently I was given many many cedar scraps that I am coming up with a couple projects for. I’m hoping that I can get some more time in the shop over the next couple of weeks and get some videos produced. I am trying to create these videos on a shoestring budget without great equipment and I have to say it is a challenge. I’m hoping my Patreon page will find a springboard soon so that I can invest in a camera and some upgraded software. I would really appreciate it if everyone would share the link to my page and help get the ball rolling.

Thanks for reading and have a great Mothers Day.