Different strokes!

Good evening, Over the last couple months I have noticed a trend which has led me to think about many things. I have been trying to define myself, my business, and my goals. That being said, the boys and I have been doing more and more trim carpentry type of projects. In addition we are getting ready to help out on a big restoration project. The residence was built in the mid 19th century and the original trim, doors, and windows need some attention. I am excited about these changes due to the fact that they offer a different set of challenges compared to building furniture. In the end woodworking is woodworking the only real differences are where it is happening and the materials used. Given how prevalent these opportunities are I’m thinking about changing up my marketing a little bit to better encapsulate where we are headed. Be sure to follow us on social media to see up to date pictures, projects, and details about where we are headed.


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The Dovetails And Dadoes team

The Thanksgiving fun

Well, today the whole family was home and I decided to get the two oldest boys in the shop with me. They were kind of excited to try something new in the shop. After about an hour of cleaning, organizing, and generally getting the shop into more of a shop environment we got to work. The plan seemed kind of simple. Do some relief carvings by beating a mallet and chisel into wood. The boys quickly learned that wood grain changes how you chisel and if you forget has bad effects on the carving. In the end they had fun and learned a little something about the use of maybe the simplest tool in the shop. I’m convinced that the cavemen used tools that did the same thing as a hammer/mallet and chisel. I’m thinking sharpened stone and club shaped stone. At any rate below you will find a link to the shenanigans of having the two oldest in the shop with me. Hope you enjoy it and I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.


Something new- Week in review

Hello everyone. I’m starting something new this week and I will be doing it every Friday. My plan is to do a week in review post here on the website as well as include a link to a Youtube video walking through the shop progress. You will find this weeks link below. Take a look at it and feel free to comment, share, subscribe, and I hope you enjoy it.

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The Weathered Oak Harvest table

Well, I finally got around to filtering through photos of the Oak Harvest table I built a couple months ago for an interior designer. I have to say the Weathered Oak stain is growing on me. I love the way the end grain on the dowels are darker giving the piece a little slice of Greene & Greene appearance. I like building these harvest tables because I know that the pinned mortise and tenon joinery and tongue and grooved tops will last a lifetime. Contact us today if you would like one.

In and out of commission

Good evening. I have some exciting, somewhat scary news. My family has decided to relocate to Wisconsin. That being said my Woodshop will be getting loaded on a truck over the next couple of weeks and I won’t have it back until early October. We are in the process of finding a home in Wisconsin that will support my business as well. I look forward to the final destination and get the shop set up. All that being said “Get Kids Woodworking” probably won’t have any releases for several weeks but I am confident that we will be even better once we get settled in. Until next time keep making and enjoy your time on your shop!

Mixing things up a bit!

I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what has been going on in the shop. I have been working on a set of three tables that I hope to have done in a couple of weeks. They are by far one of my favorite creations to date. I have been working on them for a couple months because life and commissioned projects have interrupted the completion of the set. On another note I started a Patreon page for a special project that I have been brainstorming for quite some time. I am preparing to put out ongoing videos for Youtube that are called Get Kids Woodworking. The whole purpose is to show people that you can create wood projects without fancy tools or a fancy shop. My biggest push for doing so is that schools have lost woodshops due to budget cuts around our nation. That being said I feel it is important for us as parents and as a  society to pick up the slack. I hope that as this project gains momentum I can have guests in the shop(especially youngsters) to help demonstrate basic skills that can create fun, functional items for them to enjoy.

If you are not familiar with Patreon it is a crowdfunding site that helps creators using small re-occuring donations. My Patreon page is set up on a per video basis and my goal is to get $100 per video I put out. I will use these funds to purchase a better camera and video editing software. If you feel inclined to help me out please click the link below. Once on the Patreon page you will see a couple of videos as well as a button to become a Patreon. Every person that supports my cause will be rewarded and those rewards are listed on the site as well.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Attempting artistry

Lately I have been reading a lot of information about artistry in woodworking. I have listened to interviews, read articles, and studied many pictures regarding greats like Maloof, Gilmartin, Galbert, and others. Tonight as I was working on my latest commissioned project I felt inspired to try a little artistry. The project is a basic bedside table. My client had some oak plywood, 1″ base shoe, and cove left over from some home remodeling projects and asked if we could make it work. I started with some square legs, mortise and tenoned some upside down base as aprons, and use the plywood and upside down cove for the top. Feeling inspired I decided that the legs couldn’t just be square. I grabbed one of my hand planes and started a funky chamfer on the legs after assembly. It is a mild tapered chamfer to make the legs thinner in the middle than on the ends. I’m anxious to see how it looks once the quarter sawn legs get hit with stain and finish.

Let the creative juices flow!

Exciting news!

Well we have been churning out work and right now I’m in the middle of a very cool repair/refinish project that is quite time consuming but well worth it once the finished piece will roll out. It is a surprise for someone so I cannot divulge too much information. I have been stoked to work on the project and it is coming along nicely.

In other exciting news we are trying to find a commercial space to move our workshop into. Our goal is to have a workshop and showroom so that our customers will have a place to see, touch, feel, and get inspired by our projects. We have a space in mind and we are patiently waiting to see if all the fine print works out. We are hoping to have something in place in the next couple of months. Either way once it happens we will have an open house that will be a good time for all. Stay tuned for details.

The big ball is rolling!

Round and round we go. Where we are headed no one knows. Liz and I have had several special requests for signs come in. It is exciting and fun to see the work. I am totally blessed to have such a great partner in all of this. It is awesome to see her craftiness and workmanship. As things go the boys are getting more and mor interested in the tools, ideas, and learning in the shop. I guess in my opinion it just feels right. 

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The gang got busy..

A couple of days ago I had my youngest son (4 years old) in the shop with me. He pretty much walked around asking questions about this and that and making observations about my tools. He is a very sharp 4 year old and he seems to be a building type of personality. He goes crazy with the lego sets we have purchased. The other day we bought him a box of jigsaw puzzles that we figured would keep him busy for awhile. He blasted through them very quickly and Liz and I were amazed at how fast he put 4 puzzles together that had 48 pieces each. Anyways after I had got done building the sign blanks for Liz to paint he wanted to start building a birdhouse. I mentioned to him that we would need a floor for the birdhouse. We got busy and glued up a couple of pallet pieces for a birdhouse floor. We left it in a clamp overnight for the glue to dry. A couple days later I was leaving work and I saw a pallet down the alley that caught my eye. It was a simple pine pallet but it was sitting in a way that I could see a bunch of live edge wood on it and that it was in good shape. My mind quickly envisioned the outside of the birdhouse. I skidded to a halt and threw the pallet onboard for the commute home. Last night My oldest son and I spent some time in the shop figuring out how to cut 45 degree angles for the peaked roof and figuring out how to make the live edge lumber sturdy enough for the birdhouse while keeping the live edge. We got all of those issues figured out and it came time to cut the entry hole. I was stoked about this because the day before my lovely bride had presented me with a Porter Cable jigsaw for my birthday. It worked well and I wasn’t too careful because I didn’t want the hole to be perfect. After I drilled and sawed out the hole Kolton used the Dremel to clean it up and remove some splinters. We assembled the pieces and then called it a night. I have to say that I have know idea if the business will ever take off and be a success but it doesn’t matter. I am totally happy having my wife involved and being able to introduce the boys to the joy that can come from woodworking. As for the birdhouse pictures are below. I think with the efforts made by the boys on this one we will have to keep it around the house. I have enough of that pallet left to maybe make one or two more. I am really enjoying the fact that if you grab a pallet and then build something out of it you are not 100% sure what to expect. I have several pallets that are mixed species and have different levels of character. I have seen many pallets in dumpsters headed for landfills and I guess that bugs me a bit. Why throw it out if you can make something useful out of it while spending time with the people you love and doing mother earth well.

The live edge just adds a little something to it.

The live edge just adds a little something to it.

All we need is a twig perch and a way to hang it. It reminds me of a tiki hut.

All we need is a twig perch and a way to hang it. It reminds me of a tiki hut.